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    Is there any reason not to get a tooth filled while pregnant? I have a hole on a back tooth. It doesn't hurt at all, but not sure how it'd go with leaving it until October, when bub is born.

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    Melody Guest


    Maybe ask your dentist? It isn't like they would risk a lawsuit/hurting you or bub so they are probably in a good position to say if it is safe or not.

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    Most of the time dentists only want to know if you're pregnant for when they are doing x-rays. As they could "possibly" cause damage to an unborn child. Pretty sure thats about the only reason they want to know if your preggers or not.

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    I had a tooth extracted when I was 16 weeks pregnant with Emily, and a root canal prep when I was 35 weeks (that one couldn't wait, I was in agony).
    There is no problem with dental work other than xrays. It is better to have any problems taken care of rather than risk bacteria from infected teeth getting into your bloodstream and causing other dramas (according to my dentist...)

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    There is absolutely no reason why you shouldnt have your tooth filled.. In fact I strongly suggest that you do!! There is apossibility it may become infected and form an abcess if left untreated!!

    As far as xrays go, the rays used to take an oral xray are so small that they prove no risk to your little one!!

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