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Thread: Diarrhoea (tmi possibly)

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    Is diarrhoea affecting Junior? Ive had it a lot in the past few weeks as this is my bodys defence mechanism of dealing with changes.

    Im making sure Im drinking heaps of water, but is he missing out on nutrients if food is going straight out?

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    I think its just a symptom of pregnancy.. same as throwing up. Either way you cant help it and many people in the 1st tri have it and their babies still turn out to be gorgeous
    Try and eat some dry food like toast and see how that goes, but if it hangs around for a while id see your doc to get it checked out.

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    Danni, I had some really nasty vomiting and diahrea earlier on and my doc said it was ok, just as long I was still eating at least something and taking folate. He said that the baby is like a parasite and takes all the goodness that it needs from the food u eat and from what is already stored in your body. I was really ill and vomiting alot every day and had diarhea for few weeks, but all my iron levels and everything else was within normal range when I had my blood tests about 3 weeks ago.

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    Oh thank god... I have it bad as well - symptom of my cramping as well I think which always seems to cause it

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