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    Default Difference?

    I am currently in my TWW and was wondering for all you girls out there that are preg for second time or more round, if and how your pregnancies are/were different. If they were different did you end up having the opposite gender?
    Just very curious.

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    My first pregnancy I had no morning sickness whatsoever, breezed through the whole 9 months, put on lots of weight and carried very round and high - had a girl.

    Second pregnancy I had mild morning sickness, very tired, minimal weight gain, carried right out front and very low and was convinced I was having a boy (as was everyone else) - another girl!!!

    Totally different pregnancies and 2 girls.

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    All my pregnancies have been the same. If it wasn't for doing a HPT i would never have known i was pg.

    I thought Alexander was a girl because my pregnancy was the same as Kimberley's so it was a shock when we found out it was a boy.

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    All of my pregnancies were the same for my 5 boys but this pregnancy has been different and I just found out it is a girl(99.9)but we will have to wait and see if that is true.
    Take care

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    This is my third baby and my first two were the complete opposite. This one is like my first, i had DD, then DS now i am expecting another DS. I thought it would be another DD but oh was i wrong! Must get it re checked at the 34 week scan tho!

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    Lindsay and Erin's pgs were different - I had morning sickness with Lindsay and very very sore boobs and extremely tired. With Erin I hardly had morning sickness and the boobs weren't as sore and I didn't feel that tired and she was a girl. Paiges' pg was exactly the same as for Lindsay and she was a girl.

    There is no had and fast rule as to what each individual pg will be like

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    With Cait - no sickness, aches, migraines, craved cold food and drinks, couldn't eat lemon chicken (my fave), carried high and in front.

    With Alexander - sick for the first 30 weeks, ached all over for the last 30 weeks, had migraines, craved cold food and drinks, couldn't act chocolate or fried food for a while in the middle.

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    With my first two I was mildly sick with m/s and put on lots of weight 18 and 16 kilos.
    With last pg I had shocking m/s and put on barely any weight till well into 2nd trimester and 11 kilos in total.
    I had 3 boys so in my case even though things were different the sex was the same.

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    Mine were pretty similar and I have a boy and a girl.
    I carried exactly the same with both. My morning sickness was worse with my son and
    lasted longer. And the cravings for sweets and junk weren't so bad with him - with my daughter I was out of control! Those were probably the main differences but for the most part they were very similar.

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    I dont know if anyone else will agree with me but i think that personalities affect pg... I have a few examples.. A friend has two boys was really out the side and round to the front had a boy ms BAD then with second son really pointy and way out the front and low for the last 3 months or so and mild m/s and very very tired.. But her two boys are very different in looks and personality.... So i think it does affect it.. um i cant remember the full details but another family friend had two boys and a girl (boy, girl boy) and her last two pg were identical but first was a girl second a boy but have very similar people... So im a believer in that theory..

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    All three of mine were completely different.
    1st Morning sickness, strong cravings and couldnt eat tomato - GIRL AB-(shes a special one)

    2nd spotting all through 1st trimester, no MS or dizzyness, back problems 3rd trimester no cravings, Major swelling - GIRL B+
    3rd No symptoms at all. -GIRL A+

    But ALL THREE were different blood groups??!

    This time around.
    Major dizzyness, nausea and fatigue. I am 'threatening miscarraige' though so who knows whats going on?

    I dont think you can tell. I carried differently with each child aswell, all pregnancies and births were VERY different.

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