thread: Is Dip Okay?

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    Nov 2007

    Is Dip Okay?

    Just wondering if Dip is okay to eat over Chrissy.
    It's just the store brought stuff and not one that contains feta or anything.
    Always eat dip over Chrissy but pregnancy brain can't remember if it's allowed or not and it's been a few years between drinks

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    Feb 2007

    I was told that dip's OK, provided it comes in a sealed container with a use-by date on it - as opposed to buying it from a deli. Enjoy!

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    Feb 2004

    I read that anything that has raw foods like carrot, celery etc dipped into it is a risk as they may transfer bugs to it, you don't know who or what has touched the other things that are being dipped in it.

    From the BB main site, it mentions it right down the bottom - Listeria & Pregnancy

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    Mar 2007
    outer South East Melbourne

    I wouldn't eat it, particularly if you see that it contains egg. The other thing to watch is that you usually leave dip out on the table for a while which poses a risk.