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    Has anyone had M/S and it gone in two weeks?

    I know it can mean something bad, I'm getting a scan tomorrow, but I'm interested in hearing if anyone who has viable pregnancies experienced this?

    M/S kicked in at 6 weeks, nausea and total loss of appetite. It was hard to eat ANYTHING at all, but most of all meat. Then at 8 weeks it just stopped. I am now around 9.5 weeks.

    For me this isn't normal, I normally have it till 12-14 weeks. So i've been a little concerned. I can even EAT meat now which is a miracle, I don't feel slighty nauseus or turned off food.

    Bit worried

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    Tara i'm not really sure as this is my first pregnancy. My m/s just went away all of sudden after 5 weeks, was sick one night, woke up fine! From what i've read every pg can be different, but again, not the best person to ask. My m/s did disappear for a couple of days and i got worried but my boobs were still tender and i had no pain or cramping. Hopefully everything is ok and your m/s has just eased up earlier this time. Good luck with your scan tomorrow.

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    My friend is 14 wks pg and she only really felt off with m/s for about a week...but like Rachel said...every pregnancy is different. I hope all is fine for you, but it should be Let us know how you go.

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    I just wanted to wish you good luck for your scan tomorrow

    Hope you have a beautiful and active little munchkin in there!

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    Tara - all the best with your scan today, and for a sticky bubs.

    My m/s was a twice-off affair until 9 weeks, then it kicked in with a vengeance. Hopefully your m/s is just lucky.

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    When i was pg with my son, i had m/s for an hour and then it disappeared and never came back. Like every1 said not every1 has a text book pg, ur body does some amazing things and ur not gonna have the same as everyone else. Ur body has to adjust to the lil bubs growing things will come and go. Try not to worry......even tho its easier said than done......

    Good luck with ur scan 2moro.......i will for u...take care.


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    I feel so blessed that so many people were thinking of me and sending their prayers today.

    I saw an amazing thing active little teeny baby with little feet and an amazing HB of 180bpm

    It had been an awful weekend with some really horrible news, so i was worrying that so much bad happening lately meant that this wasn't going to work either. Not that I'm superstitious, but it has been hard lately to remain positve. Also with losing the M/S and the constant bleeding for 4 weeks, not to mention a migraine from hell last week which I only usually get with a progesterone drop.

    I am just so please and so happy, and so so thankful. Now that there has been 3 scans, they have averaged out the date to be 22 May, so I'm 2 days ahead which makes that 12-14 week mark come around just that little quicker.

    I hope this is a help to people that look through the archives just like I did to feverently find if people have had the same experiences as them during pregnancy, and this is one to say that although I lost M/S and bled for so long, that my baby is still okay, well, more than okay, but really going along great

    Thankyou so much again for your wonderful support in here.

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    Hi Tara
    So glad all was well with your scan today - I have been really worried about my m/s and all other symptoms having vanished (apart from VERY sore BBs). I am having my scan on Wednesday so am praying all is well.

    Your post has brightened my day - so glad all is well.
    Take care.

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    Ah wow, glad ur scan went well. All the best for the journey.

    My m/s finally left after 20 weeks, i thought i was doomed and was going to have it the whole pg.

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    I had m/s-y feelings around 7w, then again around 10w, but only for a few days and only one up-chuck.

    Fantastic that your scan went so well, and I can't wait to hear how the next one goes! They develop so much in T1, it's amazing to see.

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