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Thread: Discharge like water at 23 weeks (perhaps TMI)

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    Unhappy Discharge like water at 23 weeks (perhaps TMI)

    I was 22w6d last week when DH and I did the deed one morning before I got up. While we were DTD, I noticed water sloshing out and DH thought I was peeing, which I knew I wasn't. We quickly finished and noticed a large water spot on the bed about 15cm in diameter, which had gone through a thick flannel sheet and a bed pad. It was clear and smelled funny but not bad.

    I immediately thought my water broke and looked on the internet and found all this scary stuff about preterm rupture of the membranes or a tear so I went to the hospital. The doctor did a pap smear-like test and then looked at my fluid under a microscope. She said it was only discharge and that discharge can be like water, but I didn't like the way the doctor acted like she knew what it was before she even heard my story or checked me out. I haven't had it happen again and nothing feels abnormal.

    Has anyone else had this happen? It was just so much fluid in one go!

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    Hi Kellsbells,

    I had a similar experience, although mine was more of a steady flow than a big gush all at once IYKWIM?

    I too was told to rush into the delivery suite at 27 weeks because of the fear that my waters had ruptured - I had to catch a taxi from work in the city all the way to the hospital (an hour away) and I'll tell you that it was one of the scariest hours of my life!

    I had the same 'examination' you did (awful hey??) and my waters hadn't ruptured. All was well and I went on to deliver a healthy baby girl, 10 days over my EDD.

    I have also had several girlfriends since then that have experienced the same thing during their pregnancies, so it seems pretty common.

    Hope I have reassured you some. I am sure if you're waters had ruptured or were leaking your Dr would be able to tell quite easily.

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    Hi Kellsbells

    Your discharge normally increases during pregnancy, and any stimulation can increase it further. For some women this increase in discharge is small but for others it can be quite dramatic.

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    I just had this happen yesterday while dh and i were dtd. Although i am 38 weeks. But i am still unsure what it was, but think it was my hind waters. Usually they take a swab and if it turns black(i think) then its amniotic fluid. I didn't go to the hospital though, so still have no idea what it was.

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