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Thread: Does any one know what is likey to happen?

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    Default Does any one know what is likey to happen?

    Mods please feel free to move if there is a better spot for this.

    My sister has an abnormal pap smear result which showed precancer cells of a grade 3. Apparently when it s a grade 7 its cancer. Now she already knows that she will need to have surgery to have these cells removed but she has just found out she is pregnant! unplanned and very surprised. She isn't telling anyone (including me but, dad let it slip to our half sister who then asked me how she was assuming I knew oops!) as she doesn't know if she will have to terminate the pregnancy due tot he surgery she has to have on her cervix. Has anyone ever been in a position like this or have any knowladge as to what would be the likely outcome. She was telling me it will be 1 of 4 possiblities. 1, she will need to terminate. 2, they can do the surgery but will run a high chance of m/c. 3, do the surgery and then stitch her cervix closed or 4, do the surgery and all will be perfectly fine with the preg. She is waiting for the Hospital to call her with an appoinment time to go and fins out whats going to happen.

    Some of you may remember that she had a m/c back in November 04. Lovebourbon is what she was posting on here as. This is also the same sister who had an overian cancer scare just a few months back.
    She really wants a second child but what kind of "god" / "fate" what ever you may believe gives her the chance for her second child but then throws this in the way?? I don't get it.

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    I can't give advice as Im not a doctor, but I had Cin 3 as well. I did have them removed before I was pregnant but I was meant to have my check up and I got pregnant, so I didn't go for the check. I was told however, that it would be perfectly safe and wouldn't harm the baby in any way. If it's ok to take the cells whilst pregnant, I can't see why they couldn't remove them as well. Although the op did involve general anesthetic, but maybe they can do it another way. It would be worth talking with teh Dr about all options, but if it came down to it, i think I would wait to have the op until after teh baby is born. Im not sure, but i think my Doc told me they wouldn't turn in to cancer straight away, and Im sure it does take a while. I have just had my check recently and there's no sign of any abnormal cells whatsoever, and I think my cells were pretty bad at the time.
    Good luck for your sister and I hope she finds an easy way to deal with this xoxo

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