thread: Dopplers.. someone shoot me!

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    Dopplers.. someone shoot me!

    I have been able to hear this bub's heartbeat with my doppler since I was 10 weeks and every time I got it out I got a hb pretty quickly. So fast forward 3 weeks and I think I don't need this anymore so I sell it... but before I send it off I will just have a one last listen.... I haven't been able to hear is since!! Now I am all panicky and I am trying to talk sense into myself, but for the passed day I can only hear my heartbeat!

    Urgh, has anyone else had this happen?


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    if you have an anterior placenta it can be very difficult to find the baby once the placenta takes over til about 16 weeks - they tend to be hidden by the sounds from the placenta. i have a posterior placenta and even up to about 22 weeks, there were days where the little brat was hiding and it would take me ages to find her heartbeat

    i'm sure it's all ok hun.

    take care


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    Tanya I have never used a doppler at home but my gp won't even consider using her doppler until 16 wks plus.

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    awww tan please dont stress like BG said perhaps you have an anterior placenta

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    Thanx all,

    Doesn't help that now I am obsessed and I just read a woman had the same thing happen and m/c a week later!! D'oh!

    Don't think about it, Don't think about it, Don't think about it, Don't think about it, Don't think about it!

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    Dont stress I know it's hard not to but it's apparently very common to not be able to find a heartbeat with the home dopplers. Bubs has probably just moved into a position where it's too far away from the doppler. I remember early on when I went to the hospital the mw was having trouble because every time she found the heartbeat the baby moved before she could get a proper reading. Bubs has lots of room to move in there atm it's probably just hiding.
    Or like the others said maybe you have an anterior placenta.
    I'm sure everything will be fine.

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    i know it's hard not to stress - but even the ob couldn't find the hb with our baby at 21 weeks! one of my friends is 17 weeks & it took the midwives two or three attempts to find hers too.

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    The midwife couldn't get my baby's heart beat with it the other day!! So, don't stress if you can't.

    We figured there must be a heart beat because my little boy kept kicking me and the scanning microphone.

    They're an interesting implement, but not necessarily a completely accurate thing to use.

    DON'T PANIC!!!

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    step away from google!!!!!!!

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    ITA with Hollye.....put down the mouse....

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    My placenta is anterior so I can hear a HB yet I keep trying though!

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    When I went to have my OB appt at 16 weeks, to book in to the hosital (only time I saw an OB) she couldnt find the HB with the doppler, so had to go get the portable u/s machine to find it (mind you she said nothing the whole time - Im glad this is not my first baby so I guessed what was going on)

    If you are going to be that stressed, go have mopnitoring done at the hospital - it will be better than you stressing over what is very likely not a problem