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Thread: Drinking water during pregnancy... Alan?

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    Default Drinking water during pregnancy... Alan?

    This is going to sound sooooo dumb... but is there such a thing as drinking too much water during pregnancy? Just wodnering, as I have been guzzling it down... not keeping track of how much I'm drinking really, but I'm so thristy I'm sure I get close if not go over the 2L mark... It's all I'm drinking apart from hot chocolate in the morning and sometimes before bed or the occassional lemonade.

    So, I know water is great, but is there such a thing as drinking too much? Should I be monitoring how much I'm drinking? I'm so thirsty all the time, I've never drunk this much water in my life lol. Is that a bad sign, or just a pregnant thing?

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    Hey Alisia!,
    I am no expret sorry! But I drank alot of water while PG! It got worse towards the end! I Was getting up during the night drinking from the tap I was that thirsty!

    Its pretty hot too so I cant see it as a bad thing, but as I said Im no expert

    ps, love the "bubble" name very cute x

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    Hi Leasha
    I usually reccomend that you drink between 2 and 3 litres a day. I noticed that you say you are so thirsty. Excessive thirst is a sign of diabetes so it may be a good idea to get your blood sugar checked when you next see your Midwife.

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    yer im drinkin heaps of water too, i think its a preg thing cant get enough of it, i think bub is sucking most of it up hehe

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    oh man ive been the same.. drinking so much water lol and also getting up in the middle of the night to stick my head under the tap lol

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    I've always drunk a lot of water but I've had periods of drinking HEAPS and always being thirsty too. Just go with it I guess. It can be a sign of GD- but surely not so early in your pregnancy? I've had my GD test and all is well so I guess sometimes you just need loads of water.

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    at the start i was drinkin heaps now i am finding it so hard to drink.

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