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Thread: which due date??

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    Default which due date??

    Hey ladies..

    Before falling pregnant i had irregular periods,therefore i was told my due date via ultrasound.. and i have been told 2 different dates, and are wondering which is more accurate..

    5.5weeks=11th June
    8weeks=10th June
    12weeks=5th June
    18weeks=5th June
    30 weeks-5th June

    Any infomation would be great!!


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    Hee hee, I have 2 different dates, an ultrasound date and a midwife date.

    The u/s date is a few days earlier, so I go with that so it seems like my pregnancy is progressing faster, and I go with the later midwife's date for the hospital so there will be less pressure to induce!

    There is not too much time between your different dates anyway. Maybe ask your dr/midwife which they suggest you go by.

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    The first scan will be the most accurate. The further along you go the less accurate those dates will be.

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    Even the first scan can be +/- 5 days. I always recommend taking the furthest date, that way when you are due there is less pressure for inductions and you can be most sure baby is happy to come. I know it sounds exciting like you are having your baby earlier and these days most women want to go by the latest date, but inductions are not nice and may have been done simply because baby isn't ready. To read more about inductions, click HERE. It's a real eye opener!
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    Thanks girls!!

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