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Thread: Dying Hair in Pregnancy

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    Seen a lot of people ask this question and I found this in the Health section of the Ninemsn website in regards to commonly held taboo's, the article is called "What's Good For You: Pregnancy do's and don'ts":

    "Taboo number eight: you can't dye your hair

    This one's been doing the rounds for a while, that dying your hair can harm your baby. You'll be glad to know this one is false.

    During a dying session, very little chemical is used, and it's certainly not enough to cause problems if it's absorbed by your skin.

    Rest assured, if you can't live without your 'do' you don't have to."

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    They say to avoid it in first tri.

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    The two drs I asked and chemist said it was false and I was fine to dye my hair if I have a red baby I'll let ya know hehe

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    Every time I buy a packet colour I ask the pharmacist and every time they say its not a problem.

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    The only reason to avoid colouring your hair is you may end up with a different colour than you intended as pregnancy changes the composition of the hair. In my 10 years as a hairdresser I have never seen it happen and it never happened to me.

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    As long as I use the same colour and brand I never had a problem, when I tried to dye my hair brown it went black and faded to deep red go figure! I wasn't preggers at the time though. I dyed my hair at 3wks preg and was really worried my local dr at the time said it was perfectly fine to dye your hair. I moved suburbs and found a dr who knew what she was on about and asked her and gave her the packet I intended to use and she said it was perfectly safe as did the chemist. I found that article and thought it would be of interest as it seems to be a commonly asked question. My mum bleached, smoked, drank (a little) and is a caffiene addict the drs said I'd be a small baby but was nearly 9lbs and 24inches long she said if that was small she was happy she didn't quit lmao

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