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Thread: earliest ultrasound has picked up gender

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    tianar Guest

    Default earliest ultrasound has picked up gender

    Went for 12 and half week ultraound and technician says its a girl. my sister also had one at 13 weeks and was accurately told it was a boy. i thought it wasnt possible this early. has anyone else been told gender this early

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    mizzsocial Guest


    are you talking about a 4d u/s??

    Coz i know with a normal u/s you can only tell after 16 weeks (thats what i was told)

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    I found out I was having a boy at 17 weeks...

    I didn't think that you could find out earlier then about 15 or 16... that's would be pretty cool if you did though!

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    tianar Guest


    found out from regular us. i actually asked technician to look. she did say not to hold her to it though but she is very skilled and was pretty sure. thats why i thought id ask if anyone else had an early result that was correct. by the way shes the same technician that accurately said my sisters was a boy

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    Fee Guest


    I'm sure I've read somewhere that the sex can be found out around 12-13 weeks. Everything is developed by then so why not … if it's a clear scan then I guess anything is possible!

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    Yup, we found out at 15w2d that Kynan was a boy and that was just from the little u/s machine in the OB's office.

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    You can also ask to have Ribs counted. A girl has more ribs than a boy. That is how my friend found out the sex she was having when the baby had its legs shut.


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