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Thread: EPI-No - pelvic floor trainer - heard of it?

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    Default EPI-No - pelvic floor trainer - heard of it?

    i was reading a pregnancy mag and at the back in all the advertisements section was this thing, called EPI-NO... it is a pelvic floor/child birth trainer that prepares the perineum and has been clinically proven to reduce the risk of tears and episiotomy during child birth.... sounds kinda weird, but i had to investigate...

    its actually a device you insert from 37 weeks to gradually carefully stretch the area.... said to significantly reduce the chance of tearing or episiotomy and also makes women more confident during labour.... anyways not too sure how i would feel about using something like that, its kinda weird, but then i guess by weighing up how badly i don't want to tear, i would probably try anything!!

    just wondering if anyone had heard of this or even tried it? of course it says to check with doctor which i would, and i dont even know if i would bother trying it as it is $179, but it does sound promising....

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    Just redirecting you as we have another thread discussing this HERE.

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