Hey all,

I keep hearing about how my physical fitness can play a big role in how I cope with giving birth and the recovery afterwards, as well as the way I do or don't bounce back into shape after bubs is born.

I would like to start some kind of exercise that is safe for pregnancy (I'm almost 13 weeks), not too expensive and that will above all keep me active and help me prepare physically for giving birth in January.

Whatever I do I need to start slowly. The big focus for me is not burning too many calories (I have a pre-existing medical condition and I need to keep my calorie intake high for the safety of the baby) and on top of that I'm still battling morning sickness (just 24/7 nausea, strong enough that it shines its ugly face right through the maxalon my specialist has me on!).

I have heard a lot about prenatal yoga but I'm struggling to find anywhere near me that offers it (I live in Parkdale). Also, is it expensive?

What other kinds of exercise might be suitable? Any ideas would be great, thanks!