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    Exercise In Pregnancy

    Hi Girls,
    I am newly pregnant, and want to keep going to the gym while pregnant for as long as possible.
    During my first pregnancy, I just sat on the couch, well not really but took the 'I'm pregnant, I don't ahve to do anything' a bit too far.

    I am not a gym junky or anything, just like doing something to make me feel better about my crappy body!

    I have already given up my fav classes, which were boxing , step and pump.

    Can anyone suggest or point me in a direction where I can go to the gym and not just walk on the tready? It seems, that without my fav classes I cannot find motivation or imagination to do a workout.


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    can't you do the body balance and aqua classes?
    there are always pregnant people at the balance class i go to, and they normally show you a pregnancy option for most of the moves. i know i can not get motivated to do anything on my own, i need to go to classes

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    Can you get a personal trainer or fitness instructor to plan for you and show a light weights workout? Just an option and you don't have to strain and I find it enjoyable. Have you given up your classes as you are too tired or was it recommended that you do? I thought you could keep exercising throughout preg until you had enough/was tired etc ie that exercising won't harm bubs?? But I can't figure people who jog at 6 months preg!

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    Hi Blueflower
    You can continue with your gym classes. Boxing is fine providing that no one is punching you. So hitting bags or gloves is OK. This is of course providing that you have no medical problem that would preclude heavy physical exercise.

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    I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and I am still going to the gym regularly. Morning sickness has made me cut it back a bit though. I have cut out the high impact classes like step and attack but I still do pump (with lighter weights). I also alternate from using the treadmill/bikes (in front of the fan), or just skipping the gym and going for a long walk outside. When I get to the 2nd trimester, I may start doing combat again but I will make sure I don't overdo it.

    I think it is good to continue exercising cut you have to be careful not to get too hot. I have read also that you are not meant to get your heartrate above 140bpm.

    Hope this helps. Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy!!

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    Blueflower, as long as you have been participating in those classes there is no need to stop, you'll just have to modify them as you get bigger. I did Pump till I was 38 weeks, Combat till I was 36 weeks and Balance till a few days before! Off the top of my head, Pump was the only class I had to make obvious changes for - raise the step at one end so you're not lying flat on your back, I also had trouble with the downward phase of the Clean & Press so when I got bigger I just did the rows. With Combat I just took the lower options, it's hard, especially if you're used to going flat out but it's better than nothing. So you walk instead of shuffling and keep the kicks low. In my Combat Manual it says the main things you need to watch out for are dehydration and hypoglycemia so have frequent sips of water before, during and after class and have small complex carb snacks before class.

    Attack is the same, as long as you take the lower options and reduce your range of movement you can still do it. We have a pregnant woman in one of my Step classes and I have an instructor who taught up to 36 weeks but I, personally wouldn't do it becasuse of the risk of falling. Spinning is also good as you control the intensity.

    Good luck with your pregnancy, you'll be amazed how quickly you'll bounce back this time if you continue exercising - everything was easier my third time round and i'm convinced it was becasue I was so fit.

    Have fun!

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    I found swimming and pilates to be very good. With pilates though, there are certain things you can't do but your instructor should know that. Also my ob suggested walking for at least 40 min each day....that's hard when your bladder has pressure on it!

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    I think aerobics would be ok, just don't work too hard.