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Thread: Exercise videos/dvd's for pg

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    Smile Exercise videos/dvd's for pg

    Hi everyone,
    Well, now that I'm coming close to the end of my first trimester, I've been told that it is ok to do light exercise. Since I've put on three kilo's in nine weeks:eek: I would like to add to my routine of walking 45 mins three times a week. Can anyone reccomend a yoga DVD/ video (I've heard some can help prepare you for birth too?), or any other kind of lightish exercise videos suitable for pg? I'm not really really fit ATM, but I guess I'm not completly (sp?) unfit either. But still, I don't want anything too strenuous!! I imagine it's going to be hard enough lugging a belly around, let alone trying to do some fabulous kind of exercise video too!

    Thanks, Kellie.

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    I too have just started exercising daily since hitting the 2nd tri mark, way too tired before! I walk and as well use a DVD, Preggi Bellies, Training For 2, its Australian and created by a physio and a mother of 3. I really enjoy it.

    Happy exercising.

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    Hi kellie,

    I have put up for sale on the swap, sale forum a Yoga for Pregnancy Dvd and book.

    Go and have a look and if interested PM me.

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