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    I fainted just before Christmas and then was on holidays until today. I felt dizzy and faint throughout the holidays but was able to take it easy and it would pass. Today I went back to work and I had a fainting spell again on the train. I didn't totally blackout but felt it coming on. It was very uncomfortable and I had no idea what to do or how long it would last for. It ended up lasting a few minutes. I had sweated profusely and was covered in sweat. DH wasn't with me, I was on my own. The train I was on didn't have airconditioning so maybe that was why. I have no idea. Did anyone have this recurring faintness? Is there anything you can do? It makes me scared and working feels like a trial. I'm 23 weeks. Thanks

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    Hi Jan, low blood pressure (and therefore fainting) can be a feature of PG for some women. I have read around the boards that if you are a bit dehydrated that can cause your blood pressure to drop, so it's really important to drink LOTS of water.

    When you think you are going to faint try to get your head down lower than your heart (between your knees if you can still get there)! And don't stand up really quickly. It's worth chatting about with your GP to rule out any other possible reasons (a friend I knew once started fainting cos she had an undiagnosed kidney disease)! but I understand it's usually a pretty normal PG side effect!

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    Jan, I fainted once and came close another time around the 20-22 week mark. It happened both times while I was in the shower and I think it was a combination of heat (from the water) and dehydration. I had a midwife appointment around then and my blood pressure was excellent, so I just put it down to a one-off (or two-off!) and made sure my showers weren't as hot!

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    Hi Jan,
    I have felt like I was going to pass out numerous times during this pregnancy. I have never got to the point of actually fainting, but i have come very close. I asked my midwife what I should do, and I was told to have something to raise my blood sugar on hand (museli bar, fruit etc) and to always have a bottle of water with me. And, not to stand for long periods, because the blood pools in my feet.
    I find shopping centres the worst for me, because of the lack of fresh air.
    Unfortunately nothing has really helped me... except for getting some fresh air and sitting down.

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