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Thread: Family history of c-sections??

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    Default Family history of c-sections??

    I just told my family the good news and found out that all my aunties and my mum had c-section was a not enough room issue with pelvis... Does this mean im at a higher risk of needed one too??? I would like a natural birth but if i need to have one then i will what ever bubba needs. But my worry is that the surgeon in town has a really bad reputation there is another one here in town but what if hes on holidays or not on duty...
    Also should i tell my dr so he knows in advance..

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    Hi Jane, I just typed a big long answer and the cybermonster ate it! Gaaah!
    Your pelvis is beautiful and you can do it!
    Try The Pink Kit, it is amazing & empowering education, you really get to know your pelvis and how to work with it to maximum benefit.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy!
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    My mum and grandmother and great grandmother all had beautiful natural births and yet I am the caesar queen. My sister and cousins all birthed vaginally. I am the only one who had caesarean birth.
    You are your own being. You are just as likely to have a natural birth as any other woman.
    You need to ultimately do what is right for you but if I were in the same situation, I wouldn't be telling the OB that piece of information.

    Good Luck, I hope you get the birth of your dreams.

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    My mum had 3 caesarians and I have had 2 so far and will need another with my next pregnancy, we have distorted pelvis, so not big enough for baby to pass through, have no idea if it is hereditary. My sister gave birth naturally to her 2, but needed forceps with both births.
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    My mother and one of her sisters had all c-sections (8 for mom, 6 for her sister). Her other sister had a vaginal birth. My sister and I both had uncomplicated vaginal births. We were both worried about it too, especially since my sister is built a lot like my mom, but, though her labour was harder than mine (I'm bigger than she is) she was fine!
    You can do it! I think that good support has a lot to do with it in many cases! (not all of course - there are some women for whom it just doesn't work, but not too many.) So get yourself a good support person who is going to know what to do to help you, a good ob/midwife whom you trust, and learn what you can about relaxing and natural pain management, and I'll bet you'll be fine! All the best!

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    Thanks girls feeling a bit better.... Im going to have Andrew my dp and Mum with me but if im feeling to over whilmed mum will know when to leave and let us be... Im going to take it as it comes i think... Im open to everything if i need drugs i wont hesitate to ask so will have to wait and see and think good vibes about natural births...

    Thanks again..

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