thread: Fav piece of preggy clothing???

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    May 2005
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    Fav piece of preggy clothing???

    Hi there all you yummy mummys out there.

    I have just snuck in from TTC & I was wondering, what clothing did you/have you found the most useful during your pregnancy?

    I try to be organised & because preggy clothes are not cheap I want to buy some when they are on sale!!!

    I guess that black pants would be a must... but what else would you suggest??

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    When I was in Darwin & pregnant with Olivia (summer pregnancy) my faves were some long t-shirt dresses in 100% cotton that I picked up from KMART for $20 each! They were great adn I ended up having 5 of them in all different colours....they were so comfy, flattering & washed really well....

    This go round I have a range of pairs of black pants with a handful of dark colour tops from Belly Basics......long sleeve t-shirts that again are flattering to a pregnant belly and very comfy that wash really well..........and if I get really cold I just chuck a fleecy jacket over the top......

    For "smarts" I have a gorgeous black swing jacket which goes with everything! (I was from Myer on sale).


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    For me, it's cotton shirts (mainly casual as 2 of my pregnancies have been summer ones) and 3/4 pants.

    This time round is a winter baby and I am struggling for clothes! Not enough pants!! I have a pair of overalls which are wonderful, otherwise I bang around the house in trackie pants - just a size or two bigger than normal.

    I have a pair of gorgeous black stretchy bootleg pants which are about to get a huge work out - can team anything with black!! They were from Pumpkin Patch.

    Hope this helps you - it really depends on what time of year you will be needing the maternity clothing!

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    Winter is hard I reckon. Im only early, so Iv'e just grown out of my normal clothes, but don't quite fit in real maternity clothes yet. So Im loving my tracky pants and DH's jumpers. I have one pair of black stretchy maternity pants that I wear EVERY day to work, and I found a $25 top at just jeans that I just got in a bigger size. I wear that to work. For summer I will go the bonds singlets, stretchy dresses and skirts. (maybe sarong if feeling too uncomfortable)! xox

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    Jan 2005
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    I have bought 2 pairs black pants for work and one pair of jeans for other times. and that is all I have bought that is actual 'maternity'clothes

    Otherwise around the house I just wear my bonds yoga pants, they are not Maternity pants, but are great and cheap.

    I have avoided buying Maternity tops as they are a bit ugly and I have found that so far, I have been able to get away with just buying a few tops that era a longer style so they cover my belly

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    Im absolutely living in black preggie pants and maternity jeans..they are soo comfy..that teamed with either maternity tops or shirts that are a size bigger have been my complete wardrobe this time around.


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    Nov 2004
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    Yoga black tracky pants & wear them all w/end so comfy, I just got a size bigger!

    Other than that pretty much everything else like 2 pairs of black work pants are from Pumpkin patch's Sale website, as well as a few of their tops & shirts for work also from the Sale...
    I also have maternity overalls which I lived in last preg & a few dressier tops from froiends whom have finsihed having their families, as we plan another I guess it hasn't bothered me spending a bit extra on the clothes that are comfy, I also have bought half a dozen pairs of massive big stretchy 2 sizes bigger undies, I love being comfy!!!!

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    Jan 2005

    I can't live without my maternity jeans - they're really comfy and they look like normal jeans.

    They were expensive though, but everything else I've bought on ebay so I decided to splurge on them.

    As far as maternity tops go, I have found pea ina pod and ripe maternity have some really nice ones. Also EGG maternity have the nicest I've seen, but they're really expensive - lookout for them on ebay though - I got one for $10.50 last week.

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    I got bigger pants in Target that had a elastersized waist and for the tops I splurrged b/c I felt so crap all the time,on tops at PumkinPatch,now god damn it Im addicted to bying the kids clothes there.
    They're PP icons.

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    Hi - I'm with meg on the clothes at the moment - normal ones, especially pants are too small and the maternity ones are too big.

    Yonks ago I bought a pair of brown velour track pants , that look really grandma-y, but I live in them now. Wear - washer - drier - back on again.

    I wore a lot of denim last time - mostly jeans and shirts as I was pregnant through winter.