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    So as the title says I have this overwhelming sense of anxiety about this very new pregnancy. I'm only 4+2 I think and I'm freaking out already. I don't remember if I was this bad last time? I am having lots of dull cramps and backache which is prob normal but freaking me out completely. I also have some positive symptoms - very dry mouth, craving for orange passionfruit fruit drink (like with my DS) and I'm starting to get booby twinges. There is no bleeding but clear stingy cm - but I had lots of creamy cm last time

    I have a doctors appt tomorrow to get a blood test and a referral to my obs. I think I'll ask for a second BT for monday to check my numbers are going up

    I just fell so easily this time, it all just seems too easy IYKWIM...

    I'm just crazy ... its the control freak in me I really need a bellybuddies thread to stress too - but it disappeared with the server crash -

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    Sorry to hear you're feeling so anxious hun, I know how you feel. My whole first trimester with DS I was an absolute mess. With this pg I had loads of cramps and backache in the first couple of weeks, so I wouldn't worry about that at all, perfectly normal. I was worried this time that I had no morning sickness, but it kicked in around 6ish weeks.

    I sounds like a good idea to get that second blood test, just for reassurance.

    I know how you feel about it seeming too easy, this pg seems too easy for me as well and half of me is expecting it to go wrong at any minute.

    Hope your buddies thread gets going soon.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy pg hun, and sending lots of

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    Blame hormones (coz you can!) for messing with you making it all seem to easy, just think of it as your body knew what to do this time around!! I had a big stress/cry for a few days at the start of my pg coz i wasnt getting any symptoms (enough to call mum in tears and tell her i was pg but scared it was gonna go wrong! Way to announce being pg to family huh) but it all kicked in around 6 weeks.

    All the best for a happy healthy 9 months :-)

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    huge babe. I so hear ya. TBH I can't even really remember the early stuff with any of my pregs so it feels new again.

    However never fear, the gorgeous Marcellus has created us a new one here

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    it's ok, I think we all get that iggling feeling to some degree, maye it's because this time your experienced and your more intuned to the tiny changes going on,
    hang in there, i'm sure I held my breath until the first ultrasound. it's like I think they are going to put that wand on my belly and it will be a blank screen, and then the happy hormones kick in when I see the little person outline.

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