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Thread: Feeling Blah..(warning winging preg woman!)

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    Unhappy Feeling Blah..(warning winging preg woman!)

    Arfternoon all,

    I feel crap today! I have had this terrible cold for the last week and have been feeling like death warmed up!
    I just feel really blah about eveything! My house looks like a bomb has hit it - the floors need a bloody good clean and I have a pile of washing as high as the roof! But with this cold and also being preg I just dont have the energy to do any of it! I have made a dent in it today but now I have muscle pain and out of breath so I have put it on hold for a while. As I have had a few eppisodes of spotting in this preg I am quite concious not to over do it.

    I did have a nice warm bath and felt a bit better untill I noticed the number of yukky veins on my once nice legs and all the hair that is sprouting all over me!! I shave and pluck but in a weeks time its back worse than ever!

    I have been off work all week and now I know when I go back on Monday that ppl will have been talking about me and how in there words "im never there" i have had a lot of hosptal visits with the preg for spotting and things - but not my fault. I would rather not have had all these thing going on!! So I am dreading going back and being made to feel bad for being preg!!

    Did / does anyone else feel like this at times?? Dont get me wrong I LOVE being preg and I would never not want to be - just being sick and eveything has taken its toll.

    Sorry for the length and the winge - feel a bit better now!!

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    Don't worry about the housework, it will still be there to do when you feel better. People at work will more than likely be worried about you being sick, not complaining about your absence so stop worrying about that too.

    Find yourself a good book, put your feet up and rest. It will get your mind off things for a while and you'll feel heaps better. Hope the cold disappears fast.

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    Don't worry, you're allowed to whinge even if you love being pregnant! I'm feeling fairly awful myself today, having thrown up twice during the night (I think my dinner last night was to blame - too spicy, plus I was feeling a bit stressed and sad), not having enough sleep, and then S has been cranky and fairly uncompliant all day He must know how I'm feeling!

    People will forget how many days you've had off, it all levels out. I agree, take some time and relax, and if the housework is bothering you, just clean the area you're in right now and shut all the rest of the doors - it can wait till later!

    Hope you feel better soon.

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