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    Ok as you know,it has only been just over a week since I had my son.Although I am very happy to have him here and love him to bits,I am feeling very depressed at the fact that I have been left with saggy hanging skin in my lower abdomen.

    I had it abit from my last pregnancy and it wouldnt go away,but now its even worse and because I was quite big in pregnancy with excess fluid,im left with this looseness.Is there anything I can do as I know losing weight wont get rid of it,and am not sure if excercise will do anything either

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    Hi Skorpy,
    Once again congratulations on the birth of Kai. I also have the saggy skin hang and it is not nice. I used to get depressed with it too. But my DF have talked about it and when i have had our last baby, I am getting a tummy tuck. I know it is a long way off (as I am currently preg with my 2nd to him) and we want 4! Also i have heard that if you loose your weight too quickly, thats how you get the sag. I put on 23kg with my DD and i was back to a size 10 1.5 weeks after giving birth. So maybe try not too loose weight too quickly (if you have a choice).
    Once again congrats on the birth of Kai and he is beautiful!!

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    Thanks scorpio

    yea it is depressing isnt it.I feel so down about it.Having had GD in my last pregnancy and then excess fluid in this pregnancy it has totally stretched my stomach.How much does a tummy tuck cost,not saying I would definatly opt for that choice,I will try excercise and see how that gos,...and if no help will think about it myself.

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    Skorpy, I'm not sure if stomach exercises (when you're able to start them that is) would help? Is there a gym which gives you a free session or something where you could ask one of the trainers? Then you can just do them at I have loose skin too but gave up on worrying about it too much as it's a trophie in a way IYKWIM?

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