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    Default feeling down...

    I've been feeling really flat and down lately... I don't feel like chatting to anyone or seeing friends (dont have many around here, moved here from syd over 3yrs ago but still dont know alot of people). It's depressing that no clothes fit and im so tired all the time still. I'm showing heaps i look further along than i am and im so over being asked if there's twins in there! I showed early with my DS i wish people would stop asking. I'm also still a bit anxious about losing the baby since i had a miscarriage in may last year.

    Anyway i just had to get it off my chest, always makes u feel better when its out in the open. Good luck to everyone and their pregnancies.

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    Don't feel down about your clothes not fitting....... go shopping. Shopping always lifts my spirits and what better thing to be able to buy than maternity clothes.

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