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    I have recently read that fetta is a safe cheese to eat while pregnant. Can anyone verify this? And if it is okay could I eat a spinach, fetta and cashew dip if I was taking out what I wanted from the start and not dipping in each time? Doing it this way could I have more the next day?

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    I always thought it was a soft cheese like brie, camembert, ricotta etc and to be avoided during pregnancy unless really super hot on pizza or something. Will look up a few books and sites for you and be back soon.

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    Hi there,

    I remember there was a thread on this last year. It is here.

    I hope that helps!

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    I think in Australia we are very lucky with the quality of our foods, for example our dairy products are pretty much always pasturised which is what we need to watch out for. But! in saying that, you need to be a bit careful with dips and things because you really don't know how fresh they are. Chances are it will be ok, but I would still worry. I wouldn't eat dips myself unless they were homemade, fresh etc, but I would eat some fetta by itself if I knew it was pasturised and nice and fresh..probably doesn't make much sense really!

    mmmm...dip does sound delish though!!

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    Feta is out- sorry hum
    so is ricotta as they are not pasturised
    you could have ricotta if it was cooked and was steaming hot, but not cold
    also make sure that you wash all frozen and fresh vegetables before you cook them throughly and have everything either really hot or really cold!
    no pate, dips or soft cheese or processed meats, except if they are served really hot, but would stay away from salami as it is not cooked during processing. Hard cheeses are OK
    also no soft serve ice cream- no guarantee machine has been cleaned correctly.
    HTH and hang in there

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    Philadelphia cream cheese is fine. And is great with celery! Yum.

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    i believe all cheese made in australia has to be made from pasterised milk, id buy it in the packets in the deli area ( not from the deli itself) read the label and if its made from pasterised milk then it should be fine!
    look for australian made only!

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    I agree with AJP
    And being from a Greek Family... we cook alot with Fetta and ricottas and i eat them in hot dishes fine

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    I bought the Lemnos brand fetta greek style and on the ingridients list, it stated that if was from pasteurised milk. It is also made in Australia..
    Does that then make it safe? What about Haloumi, does that go in the same category? I normally have Haloumi hot anyway, but was curious re the fetta as I have had it already thinking that because it was pasteurised, it was safe...?

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    I stayed away from Fetta even though I found it quite hard!

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