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Thread: Fetta Cheese?

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    Default Fetta Cheese?

    I only found out I am pg yesterday (not even 4 weeks yet) so haven't really got into the swing of what I am and am not able to do. I am half way through my lunch and realised I have fetta cheese on it! Is this classed as a soft cheese and should I be eating it?:eek:

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    It's fine so long as it's pasteurised. Any unpasteurised cheeses or dairy products are what you need to steer clear of as they can contain listeria which could harm the baby.

    BTW, there's an article on the main BB website about listeria if you're interested!


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    Hi Karen,

    I was told by friends if it is pasteriused it is OK but my Dr and OB were adament to stay away from Soft Cheeses altogether. In saying that you cant worry about what you have done before you know you are pregnant! I got drunk on Anzac Day after a -ve BT and then a POAS was +ve the day after!

    Its what you do now that counts! Good luck.

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