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Thread: Which fibre to take?

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    Default Which fibre to take?

    Hi guys,

    Just wondering which fibre is the better one to take?

    Last pregnancy I used the husks but at the moment I can't stand to eat/drink them so I was wondering can we use something else.

    Some suggestions would be great.


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    sorry to hear you are having troubles with it, not nice. i hd a fair bit of trouble finding a type of fibre that worked for me but didn't give me painful cramps. What worked best for me was a big bowl of All Bran in the morning and lots of water and snacking on dried apricots. If you can't ring yourself to eat the All Bran, then another good one i tried was Benefibre from the supermarket, sorta like Metamucil but different type of fibre. I used to take it mixed in water, it completely dissolves and has nearly no taste at all.

    GL with it.

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    You can get metamucil in capsules now, though a bit more expensive they should be easier to take for you. I've been having metamucil and can't stand the texture in my mouth either, I will be getting the capsules when I go shopping...

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