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Thread: Finding out gender at 12 week ultrasound?

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    Default Finding out gender at 12 week ultrasound?

    Hi ladies,

    I had the 12 week ultrasound a few days ago and my dh and i asked if we could find out the gender.
    The sonographer said we could but it would only be about 70-80% accurate at this stage.

    Well we saw a thing in between the legs and it was very hard to miss it, we were told it is probably 80% boy. There was a VERY obvious protrusion there.

    I realise it is only early days yet so i won't be going out and buying blue until the next ultrasound.

    Has anyone else found the gender out this early and was it accurate?


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    It all depends on the skill of the radiographer, they know what to look for and it's more than just something between the legs I found a site some time ago which explained it all, I will see if I can dig it up.
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    Hi Elly ,

    At my 12 week u/s I was told it was a girl... then at my 20week u/s it was confirmed that it was a now Im waiting till June to see if it is possible to know as early as 12 weeks... so far it seems like it is

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    We had our 12wk scan at 13w1d and accidently saw what was most likely boy bits, very obvious and by 13wks apparently everything is formed and possibly seeable. We had a specialist tech though.

    Im waiting for my 18wk u/s to confirm but Im pretty confident!

    ETA - the tech checked out the abdomen and showed us the bladder and stomach etc but no ovaries were sighted, thats what they usually look for at that early stage to confirm or deny.

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    Well I had my 12 week scan on Saturday & while I think its a boy. the tech said 12 weeks is too early to tell as things are still rather swollen & look the same this early. She said your more likely to tell around 14 weeks.
    Saying that though, I am sure there was a penis. It would be a big one if it was (but both my boys have very long doodles so...), but also on close study of the video once home I can also see the cord comes down in between its legs so it could be what i am seeing.

    I don't think it is ovaries they look for to confirm, they would be way to small to see I think. But I know you can actually see the lips of the vagina.

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    I read... somewhere...? That all have the protrusiona @ 12weeks, but if your tech is a good one they may be able to tell the diff... a girls protrusion will point down and a male protrusion will point out... or up. Does that make sense?

    Anyway... when I was pg with Violet I had a scan at 13.2 weeks and my DP and I were sure she had a doodle. It was veeery obvious! I wish I had've asked the tech, because she might have been able to make it more clear that it was in fact NOT a boy... not sure how skilled she was tho.

    Anyway, I hope that helped


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    elly Guest


    Thanks for the replies ladies,

    Our sonographer was very skilled and she did say that it is only 70-80%accurate at that stage.

    She also paused the "protrusion" on the machine and said to us..."believe it or not that could also be a clitoris as they can be quite sharp at this stage and that is why we get them wrong early".

    But near the end she had another look and said 80% boy "but it could still be a girl".

    I guess the reason i'm doubting that it may girl is because it looked so much like a penis and i can't imagine that turning into a girl.


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    At 13w4d I had an u/s at my Drs booking-in visit at the hospital. We got a classic "legs spread" view of the looking at it sitting legs spread on a pane of glass. All I could see were two definite straight lines with darkness in between, high up in the "fork" between the legs. It looked very much like girl u/s I have seen at various places on the 'net. When I asked the Dr though, he said it was too early and refused to call it. I'd LOVE to think it is a girl, after 3 boys I think I deserve some pink bits, but knowing my luck, it was just a slow developing boy so I daren't get my hopes up.


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