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Thread: Finishing up work.. Anxious Scared Emotional

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    Default Finishing up work.. Anxious Scared Emotional

    Hi Ladies,

    just thought id have a litle sook for anyone who wants to listen..

    Im finishing work next Friday. I have never not had a job since finishing VCE back in 98.
    All these weeks ive been soo excited to finish and have been braggin to people about how much i cant wait to be at home.
    But now im realising that as the day draws nearer im feeling so emotional and sad about it and i dont want to leave.
    I have trained the receptionist to take over my position and im now just filling in her position till i leave. The new receptionist who will be taking over is coming in tomorrow to meet everyone and im actually feeling envious. i know it sounds silly but i cant help it!
    I have not taken maternity leave as i was not sure what i was going to do later on. Thats not my concern as i know i can always easily get a job in my industry.

    Im just really up and down emotionally at the moment!

    anyone else had these feelings?

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Me me!! I finish up at the end of next week.(early I know but with a 9 month old and a growing bump I need a break!) I'm taking maternity leave but still feel weird about leaving. I recently changed positions at my work to so now I'm in admin and I've been training someone up to take my place and I must say I feel envious of her. Wish I had organised to stay longer but this is best for me and bub. Weird how we feel this way isn't it!?With Gemma I never felt this way, but I left cause I had to with her because of high bp.

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    I felt exactly the same way. I had never not had a job since finishing high school as wll. Then it dawned on me that I was leaving a really good job I'd worked so hard for!!
    I'm not taking maternity leave either. I knew I could get a job in the industry again quite easily, but it was still very emotional. For me I suppose it was the unknown, with new jobs you get nervous, but you still have a fair idea of what to expect, but with quitting your job to be a stay at home mum, that's a different story. Training the new girl to do MY job was very hard, at the time I felt like 'why train her, this is my job' but once I had actually left, it got better in time. I've been finished for almost 4 weeks, and I absolutely love it now. The free time on my hands, being able to spend my days doing what I want to do, I definitely wouldn't go back!! People were often telling me that I'll get bored finishing up so early before bub is due, but it's the total opposite. Some days I feel like there's not enough hours in the day. I do miss my job, but knowing that I've given it up to become a stay at home mum is all worth it.

    Hope that helps & you feel better once you've actually finished up

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    Oh I hear ya, I felt like this when I finished up work a few weeks ago. It was particulary hard for me because I am a teacher, and not only was I leaving my job but I was leaving my kids as well. Thething that made it hard for me was that I had worked sohard in the first term to get the kids under control etc and finally they had started to settled down and get into a great routine- then I had to hand them over from someone else.
    I have been back a couple of times to visit but it made me feel sad because I felt disconnected from them, and I felt that they weren't 'my class' anymore. The other thing I found hard was having nothing to do, the day to day work I didnt miss so much because I found it tiring, but all the planning and preparation I did in my spare time, stuff that I really enjoyed doing- I didnt need to do anymore.
    I am sure that once the baby has arrived I will feel much better, but it is that whole waiting game...........

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    julesy Guest


    I finish up work next week, and let me tell you, it couldn't come sooner! I am a shift worker in a hospital, and with winter keeping beds full and staffing making work loads high, I am aching to put my feet up before bubs born. As I work with kids too, I don't want to catch anything nasty before having a baby!! All this reasoning for leaving work early has been fine up until now, as I too am nervous about leaving and feeling 'out of touch' with my work colleagues and up to date nursing practice...

    I am taking maternitly leave, so my job is secure when I come back, but the thought of things 'moving along' without me is a bit daunting! I guess it's just time to let go and enjoy the time ahead of me. This is my first child, and I can't wait to devote all my time to her (yes, it's a girl...very excited).

    It helps knowing that there are other women out there who find it all a bit overwhelming, even though the initial thought of leaving work and being at home more (although working in another way!!!) is so attractive. Like anything, I think it takes time to adjust...but once you adjust, how hard is it to let go and go back to work!!!???

    Let's just enjoy it while we can!


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    I couldn't care less about leaving my work as I don't plan on going back but this is a nice happy way to end it. I will probably work right up to my due date though as I only work 1 day a week & 1 in 3 week ends. No biggy

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    OMG... Crazy Cats!!!

    I can't wait to finish... I have 47 working days left (34 including annual leave and RDO's!!!)

    Fully counting down, I can't wait to be home. I wish I could finish even earlier, but we could do with extra cash!!!

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    Im a little scared financially leaving work, but to tell you the truth, when i finish i wont be able to get out of the door fast enough!!! I still have another 9 weeks (OUCH!).. i just dont like my job.. some of the people i like working with but the rest treat you like crap. No ones appreciated at my work and my boss continually tells me to stay back at night when i dont get home until 6.30pm as it is and am in bed at 8pm. Pregnancy to him is only a fat stomach and its made my time at work very uneasy.

    Anyways.. i think you'll always worry when theres a change to ruitine.. but once youve made that change youll realise how good it is

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    maggie Guest


    HI, i have about 50 days of work left, and i dont think it can come fast away. i am coming up 29w,and i beleive i would finish tomorrow if we could afford it.. I have been working since i was 17 (19 yrs) and i feel like i need a break- not that caring for a baby will be a break,, but i am just hanging out to have leave before even bubs arrives. just cant be bothered anymore here at work..

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