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    What fish are you allowed to eat and what are you not allowed to eat ??

    I've started to buy us fish but want to make sure I am buying the right kind of fish. With being brought up in the UK most fish here is odd to me. I'm used to things like cod, plaice, haddock etc

    I brought some Basa and we had it tonight for tea then i started to worry was it ok to eat. Too late to worry as i had already eaten it before i thought about it.

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    Avoid fish with high levels of mercury - these are billfish (swordfish, broadbill and marlin), shark (flake), orange roughy (sea perch), gemfish, southern blue fin tuna and catfish.
    Limit other fish, such as tuna steaks, to one portion per week or two 140g cans of tuna per week (smaller tuna contain less mercury).
    There is no restriction needed on the amount of salmon, including canned salmon, which is eaten.
    Anchovies and sardines should be OK. Iím not sure about muscles though.
    Most shellfish are filter feeders and can absorb all sorts of yucky stuff. I think I would give them a miss.

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    Just another tip - check where your fish is from. There are higher standards in fish from Australia / Australian waters than some overseas imports. Just helps to decrease the risk of bacteria and other stuff.

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    Oh what great advice - i never knew that info on fish...good to know for next preg

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