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    Question Flea Bombs

    Hi everyone,

    has anyone ever used those flea bombs you get from the supermarkets and do they work? Also is it safe to be letting these off in the house whilst being pregnant.



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    I've used them and they work really well. I don't know that I'd use them whilst pregnant though. You might be better off to get one of the sprays that you use just on the animal and it's bedding - they work equally as well.

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    I think as a general rule, if you're thinking of doing something like this, do it after your first trimester has ended. I had DH spray the house and do a spider bomb out in the shed, but made sure I was out for the day and didn't come home until the house had been aired out for several hours afterwards.

    I agree, though, there are some good spray on flea products in non-aerosol formulations, perhaps you might find those useful as an interim measure?

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    My aunty got her house sprayed professionally and they recommended as she was pregnant to stay well away from the house for a week instead of the 2-3days. If in doubt ring the information line on the package and/or talk to your dr

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    We used a ****roach bomb in our house. It was also one of the ones we got at the supermarket. It worked well for about 2 weeks, but then eveything came back...
    Anyway, we did it in November, and I think I would have been around 20 weeks. DH made me do it, even though I told him it could be bad for me, but he kept saying its bad for him too (asthma). I did it because he wouldnt, and I didnt do it, it wouldnt have gotten done! I have no idea if its bad or not though, but I would wait until 2nd or 3rd trimester to do it.

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