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    Hi guys,

    Just wondering does anyone know if it's safe to have the flu injection when you are pregnant? The nurse said that it's OK after 12 weeks and I have a checkup with my midwife before we are getting the injection but I was wondering if anyone else knew so I can cancel mine if I decide not to get it.


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    :-k :-k I don't see why it would hurt. It's just dead virus, so it's not like you can get sick or anything. It may even help bubs if you can pass on some antibodies.

    But definitely check with your widwife.

    Oooh I found this on the CSL website

    Fluvax(R) vaccine is also likely to
    * people with asthma, especially those with severe asthma,
    * children 6 months to 10 years on long-term aspirin therapy,
    * women who are planning to become pregnant, in advance of
    both the pregnancy and the influenza season,
    * women who will be 4 to 9 months pregnant during the
    influenza season.
    NOTE: There is no convincing
    evidence of risk to the foetus from
    immunisation of pregnant women
    using inactivated virus vaccines,
    bacterial vaccines or toxoids.
    So it sounds like they actually recommend it for pregnant women. The name of the vaccine is Fluvax in case you are interested in finding more information about it.

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    Thanks for asking this question!!

    I was talking yesterday to a friend and I mentioned I was already starting to feel sniffly and yuck...she said to get my flu vaccine ASAP....I wondered if it would be safe.

    I will have to organise this now.

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    It is definitely recommend during pregnancy now. I have a few preggo friends at the moment who have all said they need to have the flu vax.


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    we're just about to start on assisted conception and work offered flu vaccinations, so I rang up the IVF clinic and spoke to one of the nurses there (who double checked with the doctors) and I was advised that since I'm not on the hormones yet that I could have the shot, but if I was already on the hormones then I shouldn't.

    I had my shot on Thursday and my arm still hurts!!!! (but that could have a lot with the fact that DH has been sleeping on that arm at night!)

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    I was just going to recommend dont get the shot in the arm you sleep on as it will hurt for up to a week. I had the shot last year and learnt that mistake. I will not get the shot this year as i got a worse case of flu (but then again I am weird that way lol)

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    Our director of GP's told me not to get it, as anything that passes through your blood stream can go straight to the baby...

    She said to take all other precautions... Vit C, Keep at least a metre away from people who are infected, and if people are coughing etc, ask them politley to move away!

    They are not 100% sure of the risks to unborn babies, so I will be staying away from it... but I guess it will be another personal choice thing!


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    I got the flu vaccine last may, I was about 3months pregnant. The DR highly recommended it, and I totally trust him. My arm didnt' hurt, I didnt' get any reactions, and I didn't get the flu even though my daughter got it 3 times. I am definitely getting it again this year, as a mother, I can't afford to get flu!!

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