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    Has anyone else had little fluid around baby and what happend ?

    Yesterday at my ultrasound the girl doing it was worried about the fluid levels around the baby and so was the DR when i saw her after.
    My levels are at 7.4cm the DR did say if they go below 5 it's a worry. I'm having another scan on Saturday just to check the levels as they know they can go up and down at anytime. If they have gone down or the same it will mean even more scans to check things over.

    Over the last 4-5wks my levels have gone from 16cm to 7.4cm with only once going back up a few weeks ago.

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    Hi Michelle
    From what I read from when they told me I had low fluid levels with Max (obviously totally different situation) normal is regarded as between 5 and 25cm, they begin to get concerned when they drop below 5cm as bubs has less room to move around and is at risk of sitting on the cord (so to speak) I have also read that low fluid can be related to leaking fluid, pre eclampsia, and diabetes. Obviously you know you have the PE so it's probably related to that.

    My understanding is that you will get monitored at least weekly through u/s to check the levels and if they become too low they will deliver.

    In the mean time they suggest drinking plenty of water and getting heaps of rest (yeah right I hear ya)

    Take care

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    Clare thanks for your help.
    I know they was watching the fluid but so forgot it was linked to PE.
    The Dr was talking about daily u/s as if i don't already go to the hospital enough.

    Rest what's that LOL

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    Good luck Michelle. Hope everythings okay.

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