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Thread: Flying - when to stop

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    abs Guest

    Default Flying - when to stop

    Hi folks

    Does anyone know at what stage they say not to fly anymore ??

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    Hi abs,

    Just got this from the qantas website for you...

    Medical clearance is only required if you are having complications of pregnancy. International travel is not permitted after the 36th week for routine pregnancies or the 32nd week for routine multiple pregnancies. Some countries place limitations on the entry of non-national pregnant women. It is best to check with the local consulate if in any doubt.

    For domestic travel there is no restriction for a normal uncomplicated pregnancy but medical clearance is required if you wish to travel past the 36th week for uncomplicated multiple pregnancy.

    Hope it helps


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    abs Guest


    thanks Bel - shoulda known better myself and head to the Q website

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    ms_fluffy Guest


    I think Virgin will let you travel even later than 36 weeks if you get a letter from your doctor, stating that you're unlikely to be premature.

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    There's an article on the BellyBelly website all about that!

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    I stopped flying when I was 29 weeks pg.

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