thread: Food - Confused about what to eat or not to eat

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    Feb 2005

    Food - Confused about what to eat or not to eat

    Hi Girls,

    Im very confused over what I can eat and what I cant eat.

    I have read I cannot eat smoked salmon, raw eggs, shellfish etc. is there anything else? oh and all meat must be well done!

    My major craving is indian can you believe it! Tandoori Chicken, can I eat that? if I ask them to make sure its well done? my craving wont go away! 8-[

    What do you girls recommend that is safe.


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    Mar 2005


    Sorry hon I cant help but you can get a baby book from Heinz I think and it has all the safty eats, also you should be able to get something on safe eats either at your hospital or chamist or even they have them at some OB's good luck HTH.xx O

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    Melinda Guest

    Hi Bel,

    Check out this article: Listeria & Pregnancy.

    You should find that very helpful with regard to what foods you should avoid during PG.


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    Bells Guest


    Check out the foodstandards Australia New Zealand website - govt agency with lots of easy to read scientific info. I used to work there.

    Indian is very, very well cooked - you should be fine. I think a really good bit of advice is to avoid anything from a deli - you just don't know how long it's been sitting around.


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    Mar 2004

    I think that you need to use your common sense a bit. When you're buying your food make sure that its cooked fresh and hasn't been sitting around, if it looks at all skanky or its only luke warm just avoid it. I think that you also need to avoid soft cheeses that are made from unpasturised milk. Also because heavy metals travel up the food chain its best to avoid eating large quantities of big fish like shark, tuna etc. Omega3 is really good for you and its found in fish so eating a bit is OK but its better to eat the smaller fish like whiting, bream etc.