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Thread: Forgot the pill...need advice!

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    Default Forgot the pill...need advice!

    First off this isn't for me I'm already pregnant lol this is for a friend of mine..

    She is/was on the pill. She had her sugar pill bleed week and then hasn't taken it since, she hasn't experienced any further break through bleeding and they were using withdrawal method of contraception (yes she knows this isn't anywhere near fool proof), but had a "not quick enough" moment one passionate evening. It has been one week since the end of her sugar pill period.

    I said the earliest they can test is about 7 days before your missed period with a blood test or 8 days after conception. She's not sure when this will be with the pill and wants to know what she can do to find out as it's stressing her a fair bit not knowing either way.

    I suggested perhaps using ovulation strips to guage whether she has ovulated to determine an approximate time she could take a test or get a blood test done.

    Are her chances high and what should she do in regards to testing? When I went off the pill i had bleeding, then two weeks later another period and then started back in the cycle again, is this similar for most people or could she have ovulated immediately?

    Thank you for any information I can provide her with, shes 21 engaged to a 23 year old with no known fertility issues if that is of any help.

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    celtic, im not quite sure on this exact example but what i do know is that i takes approx 3 months for the pill contraceptive to fully get out of your system
    hope this helps:P

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    It depends on her body Celtic. I'm very fertile, and became pregnant ON the pill. SOme women's ovaries "go to sleep" on the pill and take a few cycles off to wake up properly, but some women (me included) can ovulate within a few days of stopping the pill (1st cycle off (using the Persona monitor to try it out) i ovulated on Day 10 - only 3 days off the Pill as 1st 7 were when i'd have been having a sugarpill/break). From about 12 days after they had the passionate accident would be about when a BT/HPT might show up +ve, 16 would be more likely though. It's perfectly possible she already got pregnant before the accident since withdrawal is generally a pretty shoddy method (yeah, i know people who it worked for for years and people who got PG immediately...).

    If she wants a baby then she'll soon know if she's UTD, and will have the next 9 months to contemplate it. If she doesn't want a baby she should seek contraceptive advice immediately. If it's been less than 72 hours since they DTD unprotected she can get the morning after pill, if it's been less than 2 weeks she can have an IUD fitted.


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    I am another that fell pregnant first cycle off the pill, so it definately is a possibility.

    I would say even 7 days before your missed period is a little early, but I would say she would be ovulating anytime now, so maybe OPKs will be able to confirm this for her.

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    Thank you she isn't sure what she wants to do that's one of her motivations for wanting to know so early. They are struggling financially and don't think they would be able to support a baby, she also has an anxiety disorder and depression she is on meds for, can they effect an unborn bubs? I know they should of thought about that before and I'm not making excuses just passing on what she has told me...

    I think the opps was about 6 days ago now, and they've been doing withdrawal method all week. I think I'll get her, if she wants to, to go get the strips today, can they tell you if you have already ovulated or just whether or not you are at the time of taking the test?

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    That's ok I'll pass on the info thank you for everyone's help

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    The OPK's will only tell her if she'd having the luteinising hormone surge that immediately precedes/causes ovulation. If the test is -ve she won't know if she did or not, and if she keeps using them to see if she is, and she doesn't, the pregnancy could be well established and it'll be too late to have emergency contraception.

    Some antidepressants and anxiety drugs can affect embryos, only her doctor will be able to tell her if hers can. The damage is more likely at this early stage though, when bubs basic structures are forming.


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