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Thread: gall bladder problems in pregnancy?

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    Default gall bladder problems in pregnancy?

    Has anyone experienced any gall bladder problems at all during there pregnancy or subsequent pregnancies? I seem to have developed this problem and with only 7 weeks to go will wait it out and see but is there anything that helps ease the attacks at all during pregnancy?

    Thanks Lindie

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    Hi Lindie,

    I totally feel for you. When I was pg with Nicholas I suffered from a severe attack of gall stones in my 3rd tri (although I didn't know it at the time it was them) I found putting a wheat bag on my stomach where the pain was helped a little, also I just took some panadiene to help with the pain and rested until it eased up. After I gave birth to Nicholas I suffered from them again, I tried a natural way of getting rid of them with lemon juice and olive oil and that seemed to work. Well that was until I got pg with ~Matthew~ when they flared up again when I was 9 weeks pg, I ended up having to have my whole gall bladder removed as it was extremely inflamed. Ideally they said it would've been better to have the operation done when I was further along (at least 12 weeks pg) due to the high risk of m/c s early on..... Sorry for the long story.

    Apparently it is quite common for people to get gall stones while pg and yes they can flare up again with subsequent pregnancies. If you can hold out until bubs is born, then that would probably be better and maybe see how you go and if they flare up after you have had bubs, then maybe look at getting the stones removed.

    I am sorry I am not a lot of help. I hope they don't flare up on you again and the rest of your pregnancy ges smoothly and pain free.

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    Gall stones were found at my 12 week ultrasound. The sonographer and my doctor told me they were small and as long as they are not bothering me, they will leave it until the baby is born. I haven't had any pain yet.

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    Thats great they haven't caused you any pain, Alison and I hope they never do. I would much rather go through labour than have the gall stones giving me pain.

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    Lindie - It seems I probably had gall stone issues during my first pregnancy but thought they were just pregnancy syndromes - eg kicking ribs to often and consequent bruising etc. 4 weeks after his birth I had an attack where I literally couldn't breathe and if it had been on the other side thought I was having a heartattack the pain was so horrendus (sp??) - they had to medicate me to stop the spasms and pain (at emergency 1/2hr after the attack started) (by BP at emerg was 64/42 - I didn't know it could go so low). After seeing a surgeon and discussing the options I decided I didn't want to risk going through the pain again as it was completely disabling and with a young child didn't want to be caught alone with him and have an attack so chose to have my gall bladder removed through key hole surgery (after having a c/section only four weeks before) - haven't looked back.

    Sorry for the long speal but in answer to your actual question the doctor instructed me on a complete no fat diet between diagnosis and surgery to ensure flare ups didn't occur - the practicality of this while pregnant I' m not sure because of the nutrients needed for the baby but worth discussing otherwise I can't really help you but hope everything works out and the symptoms stay away over your next 7 weeks until bubs is safely here.

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