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Thread: Gastroenteritis during PG

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    Melinda Guest

    Unhappy Gastroenteritis during PG

    Has anyone else suffered gastro during pregnancy?

    DH and I both caught gastro from Jacob. Both Jacob and DH are now over it (with the exception of diarrhoea on Jacob's part, but thankfully it doesn't seem to be upsetting him too much and he's not vomiting anymore), but I'm onto my fourth day of it now......

    I was pretty good yesterday and was able to eat a couple of small things, but I'm back to vomiting/diarrhoea again.

    I saw my OB on Wednesday who said the baby would be fine (had a scan too) but I've lost quite a bit of weight in only a few days and am really struggling with tiredness and the constant sickness.......

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    page Guest


    Hi Melinda,
    Yes, I have exp. gastro - not much fun eh?
    Your dr has probably already told you to keep up your fluids - gastrolyte from the chemist is safe to use in pregnancy and keeps you hydrated.
    Also, you'll need to eat some blander foods, i.e. toast, rice, bananas and apple sauce. The rice and bananas provide bulk so that should help with the diarrhoea. Try and avoid sugary foods at all cost - they just dump straight into your bowel and exacerbate the diarrhoea. I also had some of those inner health tablets - also safe during pregnancy. Helps to return some of the nicer bacteria to your bowel.
    Anyway, I hope this helps!
    Best of luck,

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    I had a meal out where I later realised the meat was undercooked. I woke up at 2am later on in the evening with the worst pains ever. I was 28wks pregnant and the pains were definately extreme labour pain worthy.

    Felt rotten for a while afterwards too, but Page has given some good advice at sticking to bland foods. Vegemite on toast is always a winner with me; plus the Gatorade/Powerade drinks put back alot of those lost minerals and stuff through throwing up & diahorrea.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    Oh no! Not you too, it's certainly does the rounds of the preggy girls doesn't it? I think the most important thing is to make sure you keep hydrated. I have no other advice apart from that, but I hope you get better soon. And because I can't find anywhere else, congrats on having a pink one *Mwah*

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    Mel - Not sure if you remember but I came down with severe gastro from food poisioning when I was 10wks pregnant, by my 4th day of not being able to eat anything and hardly drinking, yet still running to the loo every 5 minutes, my Dad ordered DH to take me to Hospital were I was put onto IV fluids for 2 days. I lost an awful lot of weight and was quite run down for about 3 weeks afterwards, I was so worried about bubs but was reassured by the Dr that the baby will be fine it`s Mummy who`s not well. I was also breastfeeding Matthew so I was the last to be looked after by my body.

    Try and drink lots, I know it`s hard and I couldn`t drink myself if you feel any worse go to the Hospital.

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    Remember I had Gastro early on as well. Cause I was msging you to see if I could take Gastrolyte LMAO. I found the Hydrolyte iceblocks is what stopped me from throwing up. I couldn't keep Gastrolyte down, but the Hydrolyte iceblock did the trick.


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