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Thread: Going to the Dentist?

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    Default Going to the Dentist?

    Hi All
    Im just wondering whether it is safe to go to the dentist whilst pregnant?
    I think I might have a hole in my tooth and was going to book in for a check-up, but wanted to make sure it was safe to go before booking in...

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    Yep, they actually recommend regular check ups during pregnancy. Just tell your dentist that you are pregnant before doing anything. That way they can avoid xrays and anything else that can effect you or the baby.

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    Thanks Kate, better book myself in then.

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    Any dental treatment is fine during pg, except for the X-rays of course. The local anaesthetics are perfectly safe too.

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    Thanks Sherie, I was wondering about the anaesthetics and whether or not I would have to go without...

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    Just saw this thread Emma. I actually had a filling replaced when I was PG (damn chewy lolly cravings ) and also had a tooth extracted whilst pregnant and everything went perfectly fine as is DD!



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    Hi Emma

    I recently had to have a temp filling, and need a root canal once bubs is born... The hole in my tooth was missed with another dentist prior to me falling preg.
    The new dentist that i saw was lovely...I had to have anesthetic as my tooth was so bad, however he wouldnt do xrays or use certain substances...They will only do what is safe for you and baby. The worst part for me was laying on my back with a big belly and low blood pressure. Had a few stars appearing in my eyes! If this happens, tell them you want to sit up more, to relieve some pressure.

    Good luck, you will be fine

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