thread: Is this good?

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    Mar 2007

    Is this good?

    The Dr just rang with my test results and said my HCG levels at 7 weeks were 62,000.

    Is this good??

    I don't remember what they're supposed to be. I know when I was preg with DD they were pretty high but I can't remember what they were.

    I thought there was a sticky thread in here somewhere with what the levels were meant to be but can't find it...

    TIA guys. Looking for any good news. Nervous after a previous m/c and a couple of weeks til my dating scan.

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    Jul 2009

    Re: Is this good?

    Wow look up a graph on google
    Mine have always been low, maybe twins for you?

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    Sep 2009

    Hi Heaven,

    Mine were high with my last DD, 70000 at 7 weeks, this time high at 5 weeks 1 day 15,812, haven't had them done since but think they will have been similar to yours again. According to Ob, some people just have higher HCG. Could be twins though (are you getting a sneak preview, dating scan soon?). It's only one for me, phew!
    Apparently higher HCG more chance of a girl as well, though that is probably just one of those old wives tales.
    Hope all going well,
    take care

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    Mar 2007

    That sounds like a healthy number to me!! I would be so happy with that figure.

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    Feb 2006

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    Jan 2006

    Sounds like a great number to me! At 7 weeks with DS2 my HCG levels were 64000. Good luck!

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    Mar 2007

    Oh thanks so much guys!!

    I had a quick look on google but couldn't find what I wanted quickly and didn't have time last night so thought this would be quicker.

    That's great then!! I had no idea what they were supposed to be but I think I remember now that at 8 weeks with DD they were something like 180 000 which the Dr thought was really high.

    Ugh, is this why I feel so sick?

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    Jan 2009
    pakenham, victoria

    fabulous numbers hun! mine at 6 weeks were 12000. i would suggest thats why ur feeling so unwell.
    hopefully it passes soon. its not much fun look after a LO when u feel like having ur head in the toilet all day!

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    Sep 2009

    Heaven, just picked my last 2 blood tests up from gp today to take to clinic, I did hav another bt at 6 weeks, which was 63440, so think you and I just tend to have high hcg. I remember our last pregnancies we both had similar numbers as well.

    take care Hun,

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    Mar 2007

    BF I was wondering if it was you, do you have 2 names?? Yes I do remember last time we both had high levels aswell!!
    Hope you're feeling better than me at the moment with the m/s anyway!!

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    Sep 2009

    Heaven, yeah stopped using my last username, to many bad memories and didn't want the world to know I was ttc.
    MS isn't to bad as long as I eat, and I am eating constantly. I am going to be the size of a house
    So pleased you fell so easily this time, hope it's a H & H few months for you,