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Thread: GP recomendation in Wynnum/Manly area

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    LizzySK Guest

    Default GP recomendation in Wynnum/Manly area

    Hi there,
    Can anyone recommend a good GP in the Wynnum Manly area in Brisbane? I haven't had a GP for years and as we're planning our first baby thought I should try to find one!!

    Thanks for your help!


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    hmmm , will get my sis to answer that ... there are a few ladies out your way ,
    MantaRay , Christy & sconeonamission ... they all live wynum/manly area .. i hope they see this thread to help you out ..

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    I think Dr Colleen Dore is absolutely fantastic. She's in Wynnum Central - 38930093. Having said that she's extremely popular and could be a little difficult to get in to - definitely worth a shot though. There are also several other GP's at the practice and they are all really good dr's.


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    LizzySK Guest


    Thanks so much! I'll give her a buzz and see if I can get in! it's always so much better going to a doctor that people recommend! Thanks again! Lxx

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