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Thread: "Growing pains" What are they?

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    Question "Growing pains" What are they?

    I've had pains in my hips, near my hips, quick flash pains in my lower tummy, a few instances of mild cramps and pains when getting up or moving around too quickly. It usually disappears and I have no idea if it is a "growing pain" or the food being processed?

    I'd really appreciate if you lovely ladies could tell me about your growing pains. This is my first pregnancy and I have no idea of what is normal and I do freak out when I feel pains. I am now 15 weeks. Is it likely to happen more when you've done alot that day or when you're tired?


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    I had 'growing pains' from 9 weeks that lasted until around 20 weeks, then the braxton hicks kicked in. My pains were very similar to what you have mentioned, mild cramps in my hips lower tummy and back.
    I think if you have been active on a particular day, then you might feel some mild pains, but try not to freak out when this happens. Sit/lie down and relax until you're feeling better again.
    If at any time the pains become too much for you, you can take some panadol, or see a dr to be sure.

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    Yes I had similar pains with all of my pregnancies. With all the work your body is doing and all the changes it's going through, there's bound to be some creaks and groans, lol.If you are really worried you should see your GP or midwife just to put your mind at rest.

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