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Thread: Grrr I can hardly walk just need to vent

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    Default Grrr I can hardly walk just need to vent

    Hi Ladies,
    I've had a painful pelvis/groin lately, it usually eases by the next day but the past 2 days I've been struggling to walk, get in the car, roll over in bed, sit down, drive, etc, any pressure hurts! I got a belly support belt from mothercare yest but it's not helping
    The pain is always there, my doc is in surgery so can't see him. I can see a preg physio today or not again until next Monday & the only app I can get is this arvo when I have work, noone can cover me, they can prob make do without me but I'm scared if I just say I can't work they are going to get shirty! We are constantly short staffed at work, never anyone to cover
    And Now when I really need the arvo off I'm stuck
    I'm scared if I don't see someone until next week, by then I won't be able to walk!
    Whinge whinge, feeling sorry for myself & in alot of pain right now

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    Sweetie, this is one of those times where you need to put your own welfare first.

    Have a look in the threads about SPD/pelvic laxity, it sounds like this is what your dealing with. If that's the case, this is something you *cannot* afford to try to push yourself through, it can get a lot lot worse.

    Take the appt, see the physio. If work is short-staffed then it's work's problem not yours.

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    i agree with marydean..

    you need to put yourslef first.
    if your that uncomfortable, how will you cope at work, being one down is easier than carrying the work load of someone who is there.
    im not hvaing a go im just saying id rather walk in knowing im one down so i can prepare myself for the day mentally than think cool everyone is on board lets go.

    you need to rest and see the physio.

    it sounds alot like me in my last pregnancy, i was in agony 24/7 didnt matter what i did it didn't go away.
    i saw an osteopath and it helped alot..

    please look after YOU and see the physio today..

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    hun, I'm going through this at the moment. See the physio ASAP. have a look (as MD suggested) at the - it's so important to get on top of this.

    This is a medical condition - this is what sick leave is for. Use it.

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    Thankyou girls I'm going to go and get this sorted.
    I really appreciate your support

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    I hope you took the ladies advice and went and got this looked at, because work will be even more short staffed when you can't walk at all

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