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Thread: Has anyone else had this?

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    Question Has anyone else had this?

    Has anyone else woken up in the morning with really sore legs? When I woke up today my calves were really sore, but not a cramping sore, but more of the feeling you get when you've done heaps of exercise, and then get a lactic acid build up. I would understand if I had done some exercise, but all I did yesterday was potter around the house - and did a fair bit of sitting... I have had problems with pitting oedema in my feet and calves (they were HUGE yesterday), but not sure if this is related?

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    Hello, I used to wake up with really sore feet when I was suffering from really bad PMT - I guess this could be something similar. I found it (and all the water retention problems) went away once I started eating a low GI diet!

    Also it's possible to get leg cramps in the middle of the night (esp if you are low in calcium and magnesium) - do you think you might have had cramps in the night and not woken up?

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    Yes I have been feeling exactly the same every morning for a week or so. I have started to raise my legs with pillows in the early hours of the morning when I feel it coming on.

    I think its all that weight and not being able to change our sleeping postion too much. I am so over sleeping on my side.

    Not too long to go but it is so annoying.


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    I get it if I vaguely remember waking up with my calves crampin up the next day it feels like i ran a marathon, sometimes I don't wake up from the cramps and get that feeling the next day so I know they have been while I sleep. Not sure if it applies but thought Id share,

    Hope you feel better soon, con someone into giving you a nice leg rub :-)

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    Hi Ali,

    I used to get that frequently all through my pregnancy - I too had severe edema in the legs (ok, the whole body). I found that keeping my legs elevated as much as possible and getting DH to massage them as much as possible at night time helped. I also did lots of stretching during the day to try and help alleviate the discomfort and try to prevent it from coming on again as well. HTH.


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