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Thread: Have you had an EVC for breech baby?

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    Default Have you had an EVC for breech baby?

    I found out yesterday that it looks like bub has turned himself around again into a breech position. It wont be confirmed until Monday when I have a scan to check his position. If he is breech, I will have a midwife appt the following day to discuss the plan of attack which includes the option of going to Monash and trying to have him manually turned (EVC).

    Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience with this procedure. I know there is some risk involved and the stats I found say it has a 60% success rates with first pregnancies.

    I would be very interested to hear about anyone else's experiences.

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    apparently accupuncture, moxa sticks etc though they can sound a bit out there, have a higher success rate than EVC without the risk.

    Have you looked at the spinning babies website at all?

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    Megan - I had a EVC with DS as he was breech. It turned out to be unsuccessful as he just refused to move! It is a strange procedure - a bit uncomfortable. The doctor bascially placed his hands on stoamch and twisted! It was over fairly quick once he figured out DS wasn't going to budge. My main concern was the drugs they gave me made me feel very weird and anxious - I couldn't stop shaking. Apparently that is a fairly common side effect.
    Once I had decided to have it done, they sent me for a ultrasound to make sure there was enough fluid for him to be able to turn. They also suggested I pack a hospital bag because sometime the EVC can send you into labour.

    We talked alot to the doctor about breech birth etc but in the end I decided to have a c-section and it all turned out really well. Good luck!

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