thread: Having the flu and taking medicine

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    Having the flu and taking medicine


    Well I've had the flu pretty bad this past month. Anyway I have a very awful cough which is painful and annoying. I went to the chemist and they said it was okay to take Robitussin DM cough suppressant, but I don't know..... I get so iffy about these things, I don't really like taking anything but this cough is causing me so much grief. Has anyone needed to take anything like this before while being pregnant?

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    angel_eyes Guest

    My doctor told me not to take ANYTHING for colds/flu other than panadol.

    Are you able to contact your obstetrician & ask him/her?

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    Nov 2004

    When I was pg, I got the flu and a virus and took nothing. Used acupressure for the cough and lemon water for the throat. Just had to ride it out till it went through it's course. I didn't take Panadol either while pg but I know it's okay to take.

    Hope you feel better soon.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Lee-Ann

    I am still recovering from the flu at the moment.All I could take was panadol(max 8 a day), and the cough syrup I used was one for diabetics.I don't think there are any others we are allowed to take.I asked the pharmacist and checked with my doc before I bought it though.I also was sucking on strepsils as these are safe for us as long as they are not the extra strength ones.

    The cough syrup's name is Duro-Tuss its apricot flavour and is revolting!But it has stopped me coughing in the middle of the night!Your local pharmacist will know exactly what you can and can't take.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Jun 2005
    Blue Mountains

    I've heard that there's not much we can take for the flu, but should take panadol if getting a fever, as that can harm the baby.

    Hope you feel better soon Lee-ann. The flu is rotten even when you CAN take something. Have lots of chicken soup, lots of rest, and keep up your vitamins

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    Feb 2005
    Happy Valley, Adelaide

    I was told by my hospital that the cough syprup is ok once you're past 1st trimester. I just used Vicks vapourub on my chest and under my nose... that stopped my coughing.

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    Lee-Ann Guest

    I phoned another pharmacist and they said that Robitussin is a Category A which is safe during pregnancy, they said I could take Panadeine, as codeine is a cough suppressant as long as it's not taken in large doses. This cough is not only annoying but very painful for my throat. I will contact my doctor this afternoon and see what he says as well just to double check and be on the safe side. I've never taken anything but Panadol and I did have a fever the other day, so I took panadol but in all honesty I don't like the thought of taking anything other than that, but if Robitussin is a Category A alongside Panadol and Panadeine it can't be too bad. I just wish these products had a warning like "don't take at all during pregnancy" etc, but they never say anything like that on the pack, it's so annoying.

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    Melody Guest

    Hi Leanne,

    I have had a pretty intense cold/flu for the past four weeks & my Obstetrician says that because my immune system is so down (mainly it concerns itself with the baby now) that I will more than likely have it until after the birth.

    My main concern is that my nose is blocked 24/7 & he said that "Otravin" nasal spray is the best bet but only to use it once before bed (I'm no good to anyone if I cant at least get a few hours sleep) I know Panadol is ok & he said I am fine for 6-8 a day but I feel a bit guilty (silly I know) so really only take it as a last resort if i am aching too much (all the coughing hurts my creaky bones & joints) I stuck to butter menthols & soothers for the throat & if my nose gets too bad during the day I do a steam bowl with a drop of vicks under a towel (& always rub Vicks under my nose).

    Keep up the fluids & drink lots of Orange Juice. That is my two cents

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    Mar 2005
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    WHy don't you ring the Dr to be safe. You can just ask over the phone which is nice and cheap!! Also there is a mothers help line of some sort (may be in front of phone book) sorry don't know the name, but I know my friend rang recently to ask about medication during pregnancy. Get well xoxo

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    Feb 2005
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    i would call your dr just to be sure. i had the flu recently and just took panadol. its pretty awful i know,

    hope you are feeling better soon,