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    Wilson Guest

    HCG Levels

    Just have a question hope someone can answer.

    I have checked out the link for HCG levels on the site and it was good just wondering if anyone has been in the same kinda levels as me... as i need some hope cos i am really disappinted after going to see my doctor.

    i have had 4 positive home preg tests, but faintish i went to the doctor yesterday to get a blood test and went in this morning to get the results and it was positive BUT and there always has to be a but my HCG levels are still really low (22) which is 3 points of a definate positive so now i have to wait to go back next week to make sure the levels are rising otherwise the baby didn't establish which isn't a happy thought.

    So although i'm pregnant i can't be excited about it at all until i find out if my levels are rising. Possibly its early days and that is why the levels are low going off when i ovulated i would only be 12dpo so i am really really hoping thats the reasons the levels are so low so fingers crossed and i hope i am in here with you guys definately next week

    Has anyone else had blood tests or just gone with the preg tests?? My doctor asked me yesterday if i just wanted another urine test she said a blood test wasn't necessary but i said no stupid me Anyways i'm going to continue to test with my urine tests i still have and hope the line continues to get darker and then go for the blood test next week but this waiting is going to be terrible!!

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    Wilson Guest

    Ok well i've done some more research and there is lots of info via google on hcg i love google!!
    It seems a lot of people get levels like mine so i am feeling a lot less worried, i think it is because i was only 11dpo when i had the test, decided not to worry about it to much and just go and have the test next week no point worrying it will just upset the bub!!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2005


    Hi sars81,

    I got a BFP last week (aft only 2 weeks off the pill), went to docs for blood test and hcg levels were 297 (approx 3 weeks preg). He wanted to see if they would rise within a week so i went back yesterday and they are now at over 2000.
    Your next blood test will confirm all !!! HCG levels increase every 2-3 days so you dont have that long to wait.....

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Everybody is different and so HCG levels are going to differ.As long as they keep rising I wouldn't worry to much.I asked the exact same question when I first found out I was pregnant as they said my HCG levels were low as well.But I'm now 28 weeks pregnant!!

    Goodluck and try not to stress and just concentrate on the bub inside of you thats growing!........

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    Wilson Guest

    Thanks, yeah from what i've read levels vary a lot from person to person so i feel loads better think it was just that she didn't explain it very well to me so i started to worry about it all.