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Thread: HCG Levels in early pregnancy

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    Default HCG Levels in early pregnancy

    Hi everyone - this is my first pregnancy, and still very overwhelmed by everyhting associated with early pregnancy!!

    I am 5wks and 3 days today and just a tad concerned about my HCG levels.

    First blood test was last Tuesday 17/3. The result came back a little lower than expected, hence the 2nd blood test on 20/3. Apparently my levels have increased by two thirds, but not doubled??

    I am now having a 3rd blood test on 27/3 to test levels again.......

    Any opinions on whether this sounds safe/normal? Should I be getting exact HCG numbers?

    Just starting to worry a little....

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    doctors do 2 different types of tests when checking HCG levels. Some will tell you, yes you are pregnant and your numbers have risen and the other one will tell you what your numbers are. Even though your numbers havent doubled, they have still risen, so look at that as a positive.

    It is a good idea to head back to your doc tho, ask for another blood test so you know exactly what your numbers are.

    goodluck! xo

    ETA - i think when i went for mine.. to check the exact numbers.. it had something written on my blood test slip.. like quantitive.. or something.

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