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Thread: heaad cold.....

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    em.. Guest

    Default heaad cold.....

    ok, girls, need your help, my lovely husband decided to share his head cold.
    so now feel really bad, runny nose, sore head and throat and sneezing....

    would love some recommendations of what i can take to try to feel a little normal...



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    brodes80 Guest


    Unfortunately not a lot I think!!!No cold & flu tablets....just the occassional panadol for headaches etc and lemon & honey tea!!! I remember having a cold with DS...not fun at all!!!

    Try to take it easy if you can and put your feet up (and make DH wait on you hand & foot!!) Hope you feel better soon!

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    Yep, only take panadol if you need to and make sure you get plenty of fluids. Make sure your getting enough nutrients in your diet. If you cant eat, soup is a great alternative. Hope you feel better soon

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    As the other girls have said there isn't a lot you are allowed to take exp. early on. Maybe try some panadol and see how that goes and defintiely keep up your fluids. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon.

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