Hi everyone, just need a little reassurance. I've had a headache since last night that just won't go away. I've taken panadol last night, this morning and this afternoon (had a sleep each time) and it just won't go away.

I just freaked myself out reading about headaches in pregnancy being a possible sign of pre-eclampsia. But I'm too early for that aren't I? and it's not really severe.. I think the panadol is keeping a migraine at bay (I am prone to headaches/migraines.. just haven't had one in a long time).

But I just wanted to check that it's ok for me to keep taking panadol. I'm going to hold out now till I go to bed tonight if it's still around, which will be 6 today. Please tell me that's ok. If I don't take something, my headaches get really bad, and I get really ill.

I'm trying to get my fluids up, as I also read that around this time in the pg my blood volume is expanding and can cause headaches (great ) but fluids just aren't sitting well in my stomach. *sigh*.

Any advice?