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Thread: Heart rate at 6 weeks?

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    Default Heart rate at 6 weeks?

    Hi all
    I just had my first ultrasound and the OB said bubs heart rate is only 90 BPM and wants to check it again in a week. Does anyone know if that is a bad thing or if it is normal?
    Im feeling quite worried.

    Thanks for any advice..

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    Congratulations on your pregnancy!

    There is another similar thread to this in 1st Trimester section. Basically yes this is normal. Because your babies heart has only just started beating it takes a little while to build up and start beating at the rate it will beat at for the rest of your pregnancy.

    Try not to stress if you check out the other post i mentioned there are quite a few posts in there with wome nwho had the same experience I'm sure it will make you feel calm!

    Congratulations again

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    I think my bubs Hb at roughly the same age was around 110 which I was worried about but its still alive and kickin.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, if you can't help it then perhaps organise a Dr visit in a couple of weeks (to give bubs Hb time to speed up) and get a check up or an u/s.

    I am sure it will be fine though just try to relax and take it easy its difficult after a m/c especially when your just past the same time, I understand that anxiety.

    Nae x

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    SKYEBLUE My bubs HB was only 111bpm when I was 7wks. I posted a thread in the pg 1st trimester section & most said it was fine. Now it's beating at 167bpm. I know it's hard to not stress, but I think anything over 80 at that early stage is fine. Your bub was probably sleeping.

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    I remember reading something about this when i was pregnant. I think it was something along the lines of only 3% of women miscarry if the baby has a heart beat at 8 weeks. I think the fact that your baby has a heart beat is a good sign. It sounds trite, but try not to worry.

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